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Whole House Music: Features

Imagine Music Everywhere

Stream crystal clear wireless music in every room of your house. We can make your lifestyle sound awesome with an easy to use scalable wireless music system. The upgrade can be as simple as plugging in a speaker or to an advanced automated smart sound system.

Sonos Wireless Music

Sonos is simple and awesome 

Sonos is simple to setup, cost-effective to build over time and sounds amazing.

  • Excellent Sound Quality

  • Simple to Operate

  • Limited API for Automation


HEOS Wireless Music

HEOS is a feature rich wireless music system thats easy to use and plays well with others.

  • Good Quality Sound

  • Offers Input Options

  • Excellent API for Automation


URC Total Control

URC Total Control offers full integrated whole house music automation system.

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Need Help With Wi-Fi?

There are many factors to a good strong wi-fi signal! We know what we're doing, so let us help you achieve the best wi-fi performance you've ever experienced.

West Palm Beach, Fl


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