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Our residential solutions are designed smart and simple to use.

We choose the least path of resistance when designing a residential system. We believe less is more reliable and a cost effective approach wether we are


Home Automation

Simplify how you use your homes technology with an easy to use smart home automation system. Our approach is simple, straight forward and easy to control regardless of your technical skills. By having a single smart control system running your homes technologies, it's easy to monitor and schedule nearly all aspects of your homes features such as; lighting moods, thermostats, motorized shades, entertainment and just about anything else you'd like.

Outdoor Entertainment

In South Florida, the backyard is your living room so why not make it awesome, fun and easy to use. Outdoor TV's, landscape lighting and music make a huge difference to the ambience of your lifestyle. Let us guide you on the right design and all-weather components to complete your outdoor entertainment system.


Wi-Fi Networking

Fast streaming reliable wi-fi has become the homes most important asset! We offer reliable networks that provide unique needs to wi-fi communication, gaming and professional home offices. So finally rest easy on your connection and communications, we know what we're doing.

Whole House Music

Play the soundtrack to your life in any room of your house with a wireless streaming music system. Wireless music systems make it easy for you to expand sound in any room at an affordable price. It's as easy as starting with a single plug-in speaker for only $149, so why not give it a try!

Home Theater Room


Security alarms and high definitions cameras system have now become common practice when upgrading your homes protection. It offers a better sense of peace, allows for instant notification and realtime video monitoring in the palm of your hands. We have a good understanding of security and can guide you to the right system that fits you direct needs for protection automation.

Surround Sound

To be immersed or entertained is the real question you must ask yourself when adding surround sound into your living space. Regardless of the system you choose, the options today are affordable, easily scalable and provide great sound reproduction. Even the new wireless systems are a great way add surround sound to any room. Once you've answered the question, let us know so we can build you the system of your dreams!

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Need Help With Wi-Fi?

There are many factors to a good strong wi-fi signal! We know what we're doing, so let us help you achieve the best wi-fi performance you've ever experienced.

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