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Television and Cabinet
TV Living Room

All Weather Outdoor TV

Designed from the inside out, our all weather outdoor and lanai series 4K Smart TV's can hold up to most elements. We can place a TV in direct rain, sunlight and even on boats! Ask us about all the options available for your next outdoor 4K Smart TV.


Reliable Wi-Fi Networks

Having reliable Wi-Fi has become an important part of our lives. We provide options to reliable cost effective rock-solid Wi-Fi network solutions. Some you can do-it-yourself and others designed specifically to your homes required needs. Learn more about the different Wi-Fi networks and find one that's right for you!


Sonos Whole House Music

Simply put, Sonos is awesome! Sonos is high quality digital streaming music for every location in your house, office or vessel. Find out if Sonos fits your lifestlye.


Marine Speaker Guide

Oceanic Audio's roots run wet! Founded on maritime principles and strict guidelines to installation, we've seen it all... We represent only proven marine speakers that withstand the harsh elements of the salt water environment while maintaining exceptional levels of good clean music reproduction. Check out our recommendations.

Trusted Components

Below are just a few of the trusted products provided by Oceanic Audio. We utilize strict guidelines to our components selection. This allows us to deliver the best solution every time!